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A lot of experts want to scare you into thinking that now is not a good time to buy or sell a home. In fact there are many who want to keep you from harvesting the benefits that the current market has to offer. The truth is just like in any other market place it is about supply and demand. The more demand there is in the housing market the better the value those homes will control.

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By keeping you from joining in the buying and selling process, essentially those in the field are working at keeping the values of homes way down. This means more availability to purchase new homes at sub value prices only to turn them over at an incredible profit by either enhancing the property or by renting it out to draw an income off of it. And those who are making a killing don't want to see the market value of these properties on the rise again; this is why they want to discourage people from getting into the real estate game.

Now it may be hard to believe that those in charge are running their own agenda. In the current market however, where many people are being dragged out of their homes by banks and other lending institutions simply because they can't afford to make the payments they need to on their properties, others are buying and selling and making a lot of money off of those foreclosures. Some of them are even trying to sell you books, videos, and instruction manuals on how to get rich by acquiring real estate with little to no money down.

There are many out there reaping the benefits of the public's lack of knowledge and while it may not be the perfect time to sell a home the more buyers that exist the more the home values will rise. Similar to the ways in which shopping helps to stimulate the economy, real estate purchases help raise home values. And there are some incredible deals available for those who have a little bit of money tucked away and have enough credit to get a mortgage loan and there are some incredible options available for those who are first time home buyers.

Whatever the case, don't believe everything that you hear about the current real estate market. There are countless opportunities out there and making a new home purchase can not only affect your financial stability but can also help to energize the real estate market for the better.

New home


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